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Introduction: My EDC Bag

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Hello! Today I will be teaching you how to make an EDC bag! This tutorial will help you on being prepared, anytime, for anything.

Step 1: Survival Supplies

Here you can add most things you will need for a survival situation. I added my S.O.L survival kir from cabelas and my lifestraw, plus a medical kit and fire starting tools. I have petroleum jelly cottonballs and flint and a steel knife, and also a fire lite fure striker included ib the S.O.L kit I have. Moving on, gentlemen!

Step 2: Everday Supplies

I carry Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and 3 water bottles, The comic book bible (im a Christian), my 25 lumeb lantern and a T-shirt. Yeahhhhh....uh....ok then, shall we continue then my fair people, Indeed then, I thought so.

Step 3: Miscellaneous Stuff

Here I put the odd know, like, ok then. Never mind! Anyways, I put a cranky thingy flash light, My altoids survival kit, multi tool thing, emergency phone, a dollar, rope,and a emergency blanket.Looking good, backpack!

Step 4: The End...or Is It. Dun Dun Duuunnnn!

So, now that you're all done, you can go venture out into the unknown, ot just town, and always be prepared! Remember, dont just put what I put in, put in you're own stuff, like I need to put an asthma inhaler in for safety purposes. Have fun with it and look at other instructables if you need to. God bless you and keep miving on!



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    I am looking into that :-)

    I recommend a neck tube. Bandannas are flimsy, neck tubes or neck gaitors stay on.

    Good to know!

    Pretty descent.

    Might I recommend the following ~

    Magnesium fire starter (Starts fires even when it's wet!)

    Balaclavas for wind and face protection

    Some flexible purified water containers to replace the water bottles (They sort of look like larger Capri-suns) though if you plan on using the water bottles as fish traps go ahead and keep them.

    A slingshot with an arrow attachment

    I do not recommend carrying a battery with you unless it's to a shoulder light.

    I've been a survivor for around 12 years now. Though I'm not the bullshit type that calls themselves "Preppers". So take it from me. Pack light, move fast, & stay in the shadows.

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    Thanks for the tips!

    You can buy the bottles he is talking about at the dollar store.

    Good to know!

    Thanks for the excellent advise! I am currently looking into getting that qnd some other stuff also. Just curious, but you said you have been a survivor, so have you ever been stuck in the wilderness or such? But thanks for liking it!

    I used to do that a while ago, but the thing is that it isnt very effective as a lethal weapon. If you can, try getting a knife of some sort.

    I own a swiss army knife, I needed something ranged (knife is not ranged nor am I good at throwing knives). The nerf gun is modded for 130+ feet (my nerf sniper rifle) with very, very, VERY sharp needles. Needles that could pierce a skull.

    Then yes, that could most definitely work.

    Yes sure. now I know that wasnt you


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    Well I guess some people arent just that nice, eh? Well nice job ob your BOB bag :)

    Great job, man! Looks like you covered all the bases pretty well. Judging from your last pic, you seem to be in an urban setting, sort of. Any special preps for city-type disasters that you've thought about or maybe needed that you don't have yet/are working on?

    And if a person isn't bold enough to publicly acknowledge their beliefs, then they don't really believe it do they? That's true for everybody everywhere. You're on the right track. :)

    1 reply

    Thanks alot brah! I am in a urban setting and I do have a few plans for urban survival. I believe that a virus outbreak will destroy civilization. Not just any virus though. Kinda like a zambie virus. And people do have to be bold enough these days to talk about god. Persecution is happening all the time to all religions, mostly Christianity! And im Christian! But thabks alilot for the support! Next I am gonna be making videos. So stay tuned!