My EXtended Bike!


Introduction: My EXtended Bike!

Hello to whoever is reading this right now!

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a very long bike!

[ By the way, the dogs name is Willy. ]

So, I'm not going talk to much about it, but I will tell you some things that you should know.

1: It drives like a bus, so do not drive in tight spaces, it could easily damage something!

2: It falls over somewhat easily, so be careful when you drive it!

3: It would be very easy to put a small engine on the back, so if you end up making this, you

should try putting one on. Also I might make a Instructable about putting one on.

And now I've just spent about ten minutes of my life typing, so lets start building!

Step 1: Tools You'll Need

since the pictures pretty much tell you what you need, I won't tell you what's in them.

Step 2: More Tools You'll Need

Step 3: More and More Tools You'll Need

Since it's quite a job to take pictures of all the tools and materials, I will both take pictures, and list the non-pictured tools and materials.

Step 4: Oh, Hi Willy.

Step 5: Materials You'll Need

You will need two, three, four, or five bike chains, depending on how long you want your bike.

Step 6: Some More Stuff to Get the Jobe Done

Stuff you'll need that's not pictured:

A junk bike

Two fence posts

Some rebar

Step 7:

From now on, I will be drawing the pictures, because I already built this bike, and I don't want to build another one. They should be self-explanatory, so I won't have to tell you what to do on most of them.

Step 8: Build

Step 9: Build

Step 10: How to Put Two Chains Together

Step 11: Almost Done!

Link as many chains together as you need for your bike.

Then weld supports and back rack on.

Step 12: Done, Phew, That Was a Lot of Work!

we're done finally! But it was fun, right? I thought so! Sorry if the drawings were a little bad. But if (its a pretty big if) you liked my Instructable, Please Vote For me! And Thanks if you did!



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