I made an electric stick bass using instructions from two instructables-The electric stick bass, and the altoids tin guitar.I used elements from both and came up with a plan for this.It's does the same as the electric stick bass but is alot higher, and has a cut-of switch (toggle on-off) and a cut-of switch that is momentary (normally closed) that is used to 'stutter' the sound in and out.
I made something very similar with the coil from a headphone speaker, worked like a real pickup. I'm slightly surprised that it works with a piezo, but I can believe it. L
It works, but the output is incredibly low, so you have to either turn your amp up really load (but then you get extreme feedback) or use a pre-amp,like i do (well i use a distotion with in-built boost).
if you set something to use as a bridge (i used a bolt) on the goldish face part and run the string over the bridge over the piezo, it'll blast. and if you still dont have a deep enough sting, then try a (thickish) piece of nylon weed eater string, mine's tuned to bass D.
Will try thanks. IV'e got loads of bass string now as my brother plays guitar and bass in a band which does gigs about twice a week, so he gets through LOADS of strings.(i got his old ones-he replaces them bout every 2 weeks )

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