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Introduction: My Elegant Tapestry Afghan

I found the pattern for this afghan in 1985 in a Good Housekeeping Magazine. I just loved it and decided that I would save it until I retired and make it for a heirloom for my daughter.
I decided to buy the yarn for it. I needed 24 different colors, so as you might of figured out by now, it took me forever to get all my colors going to many,many different stores.
Finally last year, I had all the colors and decided this was as good of a time to get started on it.
What a challenge it was. It took me longer to untangle all the 24 to 30 little balls of all different colors, sometimes having 2 balls of the same color in one row, then it actually took me to knit the row.
Was very happy when I got it done and it was a real challenge, but I think it was well worth the time and effort I put in it, but I will never make another one.
Hope you all appreciate looking at my masterpiece.



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    Wow !!!!! Unbelievably gorgeous !!!

    Beautiful would love to try it myself I found the issue of good housekeeping at the library but you need to send in order form -I was crushed don't think it would work being it was from 1992 Anybody have any ideas how or where to get this pattern I have searched the web no luck - Thanks

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    I have a copy of this pattern and would send it to you if you haven't found one yet.

    This is beautiful!! Is it too late to get a copy of the pattern? Finngirl

    My instructables membership is cancelled.

    hi, Here is my e mail address How can your membership expire? Doris ( aldoris4)

    that is amazing!!!!!!

    This is so beautiful! I would love the pattern. What a heirloom for your daughter.

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! How much would you ask for something like this? do you take orders and how much for shipping and handling (if so).

    I'm in awe of your patience and talent. I love it! How long did it take you to make your masterpiece? Looks like the design could be used for an aplique quilt...not very talented with knitting needles, and I do have tons of my mothers old Good Housekeeping magazines, remember the Breck girls? Would you mind posting the publication month in 1985? And I really think you need another daughter....I would like to volunteer!

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    Hi Emma, I have been searching through my patterns and I came across it. It was in the Good Housekeeping in the October 1992 issue. Hope this helps you.

    WOW I thought that it would take allot longer than that, I know that it would me. How do you learn not to pull your color changes too tight?
    I just put in my photos of the Desert Poncho from Lion Brand patterns and I used their Suede yarn. I was proud of it; although it could never compare to your beautiful work of ART.

    Front of Desert Poncho2.jpg
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    WOW!!!! That is beautiful. Great job. I really love it. About pulling the yarn: The tension comes with experience. I just pull them tight enough so that the other colour doesn't show on the right side. Doris

    Thank you. It is really soft and cuddly. I just was looking at and they have the Lion Brand Suede for $2.50 a skein. That is a very good price.

    I didn't pull my colors that tight, but tight enough that the face of the Zebra look more narrow than it should have.
    Hope that you have a great day. the weather here in Bonifay, FL is so beautiful. I have my ac on right now. We have a lot of pollen in the air and it is playing havoc with my sinuses so had to close my windows.

    Aldoris4, what a beautiful job you did. I have tried to do the changing color's, in one sweater, it was a head of a Zebra, it turned ok, but I wasn't pleased with it. I tend to knit tight and I pulled the yarn too tight and it looked puckery to me. The friend that I made it for loved it. She didn't knit so couldn't see the problem. I am going to start on a beautiful Christening Gown soon. That will take me awhile. I know that your daughter is so honored and something that will be passed on for generations to come. How long did it take you?
    God Bless

    All I can say is... "WOW!" You need to hang that piece of brilliance up on a wall! Its truly spectacular! What an amazing job you did! You didnt mention, but I'm REALLY curious to know - how long did it take you?

    Wow, that's phenomenal! Great job. What an incredible amount of work.

    OMG!! You must be a very brave person to tackle a project like that..what a beautiful job!!

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! You certainly should be very proud of this work of art!