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I found the pattern for this afghan in 1985 in a Good Housekeeping Magazine. I just loved it and decided that I would save it until I retired and make it for a heirloom for my daughter.
I decided to buy the yarn for it. I needed 24 different colors, so as you might of figured out by now, it took me forever to get all my colors going to many,many different stores.
Finally last year, I had all the colors and decided this was as good of a time to get started on it.
What a challenge it was. It took me longer to untangle all the 24 to 30 little balls of all different colors, sometimes having 2 balls of the same color in one row, then it actually took me to knit the row.
Was very happy when I got it done and it was a real challenge, but I think it was well worth the time and effort I put in it, but I will never make another one.
Hope you all appreciate looking at my masterpiece.


ajcrochets (author)2013-05-13


Maureclaire (author)2009-06-25

Wow !!!!! Unbelievably gorgeous !!!

katklan (author)2008-02-20

Beautiful would love to try it myself I found the issue of good housekeeping at the library but you need to send in order form -I was crushed don't think it would work being it was from 1992 Anybody have any ideas how or where to get this pattern I have searched the web no luck - Thanks

suetoo (author)katklan2008-04-01

I have a copy of this pattern and would send it to you if you haven't found one yet.

finngirl (author)suetoo2009-06-25

This is beautiful!! Is it too late to get a copy of the pattern? Finngirl

suetoo (author)suetoo2008-04-04

My instructables membership is cancelled.

aldoris4 (author)suetoo2008-04-04

hi, Here is my e mail address How can your membership expire? Doris ( aldoris4)

Trish G (author)2008-11-20

that is amazing!!!!!!

Dolce (author)2008-10-01

This is so beautiful! I would love the pattern. What a heirloom for your daughter.

monicacarriere (author)2008-02-19

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! How much would you ask for something like this? do you take orders and how much for shipping and handling (if so).

EmmasGood (author)2008-02-09

I'm in awe of your patience and talent. I love it! How long did it take you to make your masterpiece? Looks like the design could be used for an aplique quilt...not very talented with knitting needles, and I do have tons of my mothers old Good Housekeeping magazines, remember the Breck girls? Would you mind posting the publication month in 1985? And I really think you need another daughter....I would like to volunteer!

aldoris4 (author)EmmasGood2008-02-12

Hi Emma, I have been searching through my patterns and I came across it. It was in the Good Housekeeping in the October 1992 issue. Hope this helps you.

Betilda (author)2008-02-09

WOW I thought that it would take allot longer than that, I know that it would me. How do you learn not to pull your color changes too tight?
I just put in my photos of the Desert Poncho from Lion Brand patterns and I used their Suede yarn. I was proud of it; although it could never compare to your beautiful work of ART.

aldoris4 (author)Betilda2008-02-10

WOW!!!! That is beautiful. Great job. I really love it. About pulling the yarn: The tension comes with experience. I just pull them tight enough so that the other colour doesn't show on the right side. Doris

Betilda (author)aldoris42008-02-10

Thank you. It is really soft and cuddly. I just was looking at and they have the Lion Brand Suede for $2.50 a skein. That is a very good price.

I didn't pull my colors that tight, but tight enough that the face of the Zebra look more narrow than it should have.
Hope that you have a great day. the weather here in Bonifay, FL is so beautiful. I have my ac on right now. We have a lot of pollen in the air and it is playing havoc with my sinuses so had to close my windows.

Betilda (author)2008-02-09

Aldoris4, what a beautiful job you did. I have tried to do the changing color's, in one sweater, it was a head of a Zebra, it turned ok, but I wasn't pleased with it. I tend to knit tight and I pulled the yarn too tight and it looked puckery to me. The friend that I made it for loved it. She didn't knit so couldn't see the problem. I am going to start on a beautiful Christening Gown soon. That will take me awhile. I know that your daughter is so honored and something that will be passed on for generations to come. How long did it take you?
God Bless

offthehookhats (author)2008-02-09

All I can say is... "WOW!" You need to hang that piece of brilliance up on a wall! Its truly spectacular! What an amazing job you did! You didnt mention, but I'm REALLY curious to know - how long did it take you?

canida (author)2008-02-08

Wow, that's phenomenal! Great job. What an incredible amount of work.

capecodcrochet (author)2008-02-08

OMG!! You must be a very brave person to tackle a project like that..what a beautiful job!!

clauria4 (author)2008-02-08

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! You certainly should be very proud of this work of art!

stinkymum (author)2008-02-08


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