Here it is,my camping bag, and i will list some of the things i always take out with me!
and would recomend to you all!

Step 1: The Bag

First of all, the bag itself, It's a Gelert Hercules 65l, I find that 65l is the perfect size for me, its big enough to just about fit all i need in, and not too big that i over fill it and have it become to heavy.

It also came with a waterproof compression sack, and a removable bladder pack that can be worn seperatly.
Thank you for this instructable! Im having to buy all gear in one go tomorrow and this is very helpful!
You don't take any first aid gear camping?
Yes i do, but i keep it in my emergancy tin, which will be another 'ible, as its more of a 'just in case' tin.
if your tin is anything like other tins I have seen, there isn't much in it for an emergency. You have the space available, so you might consider keeping something a bit more than "just in case". I expected to see it in the top pocket where you keep your rain clothes. It is the same idea... you are injured and need to get to something quick, you don't need to be rummaging through to find what you need.
With a toothbrush case like that, you can cut the end of the brush handle down some and fit a travel sized tube of paste in there or some floss.
how heavy it and how much did it cost?
it's unfortunate that Gelert doesn't sell so widely in the US...
It annoys me to no end when I see people with their matt or tent attached at the bottom of their rucksack, it creates problems when you need to get over styles, through some gates and down public footpaths that use bollards. <br><br>But that is just my opinion, overall I think this is an excellent guide.<br><br>Alex
Yes I see your point, this has however never caused me any problems.<br>I origonaly wanted the matt on the side of the pack, but the straps were not long enough to do so, so it goes on the bottom.<br><br>but then again it doesnt always come with me, all depends on where im heading!
i had a little re-sort of the bag the other day, rolled the matt up slightly differently and it now goes in the main compartment of my bag, and i can still fit everything else in there that was already in there.
So no tent, no tarp either?<br>No water filtration (I guess you have tablets in your first aid)?<br>Sorry if I missed it. Those would be priority items for my backpacking.
yes you missed it, i keep a bivvy bag.<br>and yes i do keep filtration, which is in my tin, which as i said before will be a seperate 'ible so ive left it out of this one.
much thanks sir I'm going to start drifting in two weeks, and I can't stop feeling unprepared. This was incredibly informative.
Great information.<br><br>Thanks a lot
<br>Please rate it guys!!! many thanks!
nice ible, in step 4 though the towel square overrides all the others
Thanks for the heads-up, sorted it now!! :)
This is a good idea to keep those Items you require quick access to in very accessible places, the last thing you want in a downpour is to empty your entire pack searching for that darned waterproof. ( a rookie mistake we all learn from)<br>My set-up is somewhat different, simply due to the nature of the pack.<br>My old military bergen has detachable side day-sacks with a yoke attached to one of them. I have this as an essential survival pack, with basics in. The other daysack has some cooking equipment stored under a folded poncho and can be attached to the yoke so both can be carried. With this set-up I can dump the large pack at my main camp and strike out with one or both daysacks, should I get stuck away from the main camp I have the essentials to survive at hand. The large pack mostly contans clothing, sleeping bag, tent and rations.<br>Once camping season starts I might put up an 'ible showing my set-up so we can compare ideas.
I will look forward to seeing your set up. <br>if im going rock climbing for a weekend, i do also put in my camel back, this has some good storage to take some essentials up the wall like food and obviosly drink and some first aid gear and anything else i may need, but sits nicely high on my back so doesnt get in the way of my harness and gear.<br>
How much does it weigh total?
well with everything there, which includes two full 1ltr botles of water, both sleeping bags and some mre's, but no clothes apart from the waterproofs and a set of thermals trousers and top and my lovely fluffy tent socks, <br>it weighs in at exactly 10kg!<br><br>now i would be packing more food and clothes in there aswell on any camping trip so it would be heavier than this.

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