When I was a kid my father got a barometer for Christmas, it was probably the best gift he ever received. At least once a day he would check it, tap on the glass and set the pointer to the current air pressure then give his weather prediction. Years later I got it from my sister, I put it away until recently I found it again. The barometer no longer worked and the thermometer was broken.

I almost threw it out until the fond memories came back. My recent interest in the Arduino sparked a plan to resurrect it and bring it into the 21st century. This barometer is made of wood, so with the help of my friends at work Bernardo the painter and Sam and Doug the carpenters we gave it a face lift and modified it to accept the wires and electronics.

Step 1:

Aside from wires and necessary tools these four items are all you really need. I am showing a Arduino Nano but an Uno will work as well. I had to use the Nano because there was no room in the can behind the barometer dial for the Uho. The plastic barometers are much easier to use and there is loads of room inside for the electronics. I use a Neopixel strip 8 for the thermometer and a Neopixel ring 12 for the barometer. Depending on the graphics on the face you may get away using the 24. the ring is larger but gives you twice the resolution of barometric pressure, and if you are artistic you may want to put your own art work on the face. If you do I would love to see it, my Email is in the code.

The BME280 is my sensor of choice, there are others that work will, I happened to have this one on hand. The BME280 also is capable of returning humidity and elevation.

<p>so what did you do for power? Did you get a battery in there too?</p>
Used a USB wall adapter
good story and good project
<p>Thank you. My father would be happy to see it up and running again.</p>
<p>That looks awesome! I wish that I had one of these hanging on my wall.</p>
<p>They are easy to find and cheap</p>

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