My Faux Leather Jacket Refashion




Introduction: My Faux Leather Jacket Refashion

I wasn’t really feeling the metal studs all over the lapels and collar of my thrifted faux leather biker jacket so I put on my thinking cap, raided my stash and came up with a cool new embellished look that’s much more me...

Step 1:

I was a bit concerned about how to go about removing all of those studs...Luckily they weren’t rivets and I could carefully pry them off with my fingernails.

Step 2:

Then I sifted through my stash and tried out a few different embellishment ideas before finally settling on a load of vintage buttons.

Step 3:

I arranged a bunch on the jacket, painstakingly stitched them on and 4 hours later my magnificent just-my-style jacket was complete!

For loads more tips, tricks & DIYs visit my Confessions of a Refashionista.



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