Make pretty candy magnets of your favorite candies

Step 1: Ingredients

ferrite type or neodymium type . whichever do

2. candies
individually-wrapped one

3. tissue paper
4. cellophane tape

Step 2: Eat'em

Open wrap paper and eat the candy.

Step 3: Make a Fake Candy

Fold tissue paper to the width of candy, then roll it.
Near the end roll magnet into paper, then tape it.

Step 4: Fake Candy

if you have ball shape candies, make the fake candy like this

this is also an example make with ferrite magnet. Ferrite is much weaker than neodymium so it should be set outside.

Step 5: Wrap Again

wrap fake candy in to paper.

Step 6: FINISH

Use it as ordinary magnets.
<p>i wouldn't recommend that if you got kids running around</p>
<p>Thank you.</p><p>I also recommend to put them away from kids under 5y/o. </p>

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