These are some weapons i looked,built,and liked.I even made my own guns and creations! So enjoy my pics.
This kind of stuff was posted in 2010.
Post new stuff, not the same old things.
isten knexbot im DUTCH im speaking DUTCH you are english!
i like ur cannon <br>
do u have an accent <br>
its knexboy not bot ( but a good name ) i am not amarican i am slavatroto <br>
im 11 and dutch knexboy my english is bad! <br>
i am 10 but i still got moves <br>
but its a good weapon colection!
its collection <br>
only the big pistol and little target is from you
and the scope <br>
I like the knife and the larger pistol but you should work on the bow. 4 stars
these arnt mine these are other peoples <br>
only the larger pistol, black target , and scope are mine the scope is posted <br>.
Oh well good job on the stuff you made then.

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Bio: [<>_<>] he is wacthing you
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