Over 15 years ago I made a silver ring with a bezel-set amber stone in a jewelry making class, and I've been wearing it ever since. In this project, I'll walk you through my process for recreating this ring (a newer, nicer version of the original).

For this project, you will need:

Step 1: Bezel Base Cutout

Since the amber stone allows light to pass through, the base of the bezel should, too. I used my rotary tool to drill a hole in a piece of scrap silver sheet, traced my stone over it, and then used my jewelry saw frame to cut out a shape about 1/8" from the line. If you're new to piercing precious sheet metal, check out my Jewelry Class' lesson on the topic to get up to speed.

<p>Very Cool! Very easy to make.</p>
Suggestion...<br> 1) Form the bezel like you did on the stone and solder it together (hard solder) and double check the finished shape on the stone. <br> 2) Next, use a piece piece of round silver wire or use a silver jump ring and shape it to fit INSIDE your bezel. Solder that inside the bezel with medium solder. <br>4) Use sand paper or file to shape bottom flat and clean it up where the bezel and the jump ring meet because the curve in the wire.<br><br>You now have a basic bezel cup to use in your various basic ring designs and it was faster than cutting and file out the sheet and solder, etc. Ez solder it in place and cleanup and set your stone! Ta-da! Enjoy.<br><br> Good tip if you need to make multiples for that weekend craftshow or family presents, etc...
<p>I use this method quite often, &amp; it works well for plain bezels. I would only use the method featured in the instructable if I wanted a shelf around the bezel for adnormants. I use square wire though, less sanding the bottom of the bezel.</p>
Oops, Lol... 2 notes on my bezel cup suggestion:<br>1) your bezel will have to be taller than the stone because now the stone rides on top of the jump ring or wire. Didn't know if i made that clear. But it shouldn't be an issue because most bezel wire is wider than you need. (Or at least that's how it always seems to be in my supply box.... )<br><br>B) I apparently have problems numbering sequential steps so that's why I will probably never make my own instructables! <br>
<p>1. Great tips.</p><p>2. You should publish Instructables!</p><p>4. No one notices that!</p>
<p>I've always wanted to make my own ring as I have never found what I'm looking for. I have seen other rings made that don't have stones in them, and I loved them too. So now you've given me some ideas for making some jewelry I can't wait to do. Thanks and not only will I go through your jewerly class, my local craft store has classes on different crafts and one of them is jewerly of which I'm also hoping to take to get the hands on teaching/learning area. Thanks again!</p>
<p>im so impressed i absolutely love this ,,,i would love to have one too, you did a great job, </p>
Very nice! This looks gorgeous!
<p>It's gorgeous! </p>

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