My Favorite Tools


Introduction: My Favorite Tools

I started collecting and using craftsman tools at an early age. Here are some photos of my favorite Craftsman tools... Enjoy!



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    Great collection! I can see why you're proud of them. Keep'em clean and lightly lubricated on the friction points.

    That's the reason why u don't buy cheap tools. If u buy a really good brand like craftsman they'll last forever

    I’ll ask my Grandmother tonight and then post the information to the photos and get back to you. Thanks!

    She said... Old! She's 91, I'll check for dates on the tools.

    Those are awesome! Have you done any repairs, or are they still going without help?

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    Still going strong. I’m not good with fixing things just breaking them – That’s why I love my Craftsman tools!

    Wow, they are old - impressive to see them still running.