Picture of Rip DRM Protection Off Itunes Store Music (no software) (Windows)
This is my favorite way to rip the DRM protection off music purchased from the Itunes store.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Picture of Things You Will Need
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1. A computer
2. Music with DRM protection that you want taken off
3. A CD-RW disk
4. Itunes
souperkid3 years ago
does not work
Wouldnt this be considered illegal?
junits156 years ago
oh and most computer that can erase cds come with some kind of extra software to do it like roxio or sonic
junits156 years ago
not all cds can be erased, and not all drives can erase them :)
djmcjiggles6 years ago
If you have Windows, you could also use myFairTunes to strip the DRM encoding. http://sourceforge.net/projects/myfairtunes/
scotmotzny6 years ago
If you do this on a Mac will it work as well?
Check out my other Instructable: Mac
nocker6 years ago
This will work, but you're going to lose some quality. Alternatively, try Requiem. It is a free download which can be found via torrent. Requiem is an open source program that will strip the DRM from your iTunes music and video files. While people have found other ways around the DRM, such as burning their music and ripping it, that will lose sound quality. That's where this program comes in - it not only removes the DRM from music AND videos, it does so losslessly. Do NOT share your de-DRM'd iTunes purchases on a file-sharing network. Why? Apple has personal information in your purchased content. Requiem does not remove the personal information from your files. Your identity is at stake and Apple could ban your account (at the very least) if caught.
sounds great! Could you post a link?
Thanks! Also, of you don't mind I used your advise In my new ible...
this would work if you use mojo