My First Airgun.





Introduction: My First Airgun.

This is my airgun I made.
I can pump it up to 120psi on a bike pump but, I prefer about 60-90 psi.
It does not look very great because it is my first airgun I have built.
I plan to build one with a much smaller callibre.



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    So this is a website on how to build things and you didn't show us how to build it?

    the stock is kinda weird and looks awkward to hold. also, (and i know from experience) that the fewer twists and bends in the airflow, the stronger it shoots. also, id put a larger tank on it, maybe 1 1/2 - 2 inch piping, its alot bigger, and it will hold air more safely than a soda bottle. you may also wanna get a faster valve. but that does look pretty sweet.

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    what type of valve would you suggest


    piston valve

    well unless you live in canada, like me : ( then id use a sprinkler valve, kuz those suckers just dump air like its nobodys business, if not, then maybe like make a piston mechanism, because if you wanna get the most out of it, most ball valves just wont cut it.

    This was my first airgun and as you can see i had really no experience. My newer one is a lot better

    I dont believe he is using a soda bottle as the chamber. I think he is shooting them... ;)

    for a homemade gun it's really nice!


    Did you use hot glue hold the bike value??

    If you use copper piping you should be able to push the pressure to about 230 p.s.i. ;-)

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    the pressure is not the only thing that is going to be pushed, what about the price. (Retoricol Question)

    only if you have got a air compressor

    But then you have to get it to 230p.s.i!! But your right, Copper/Gal iron/Stainless steel are all premium materials if you have a need to go that high... Just incase someone wants to hit the realm of the 250p.s.i plus (I tend to get the shakes holding anying that has over 200p.s.i contained within it) You need a bike pump for the first 160p.s.i and a bicycle shock pump for the remaining p.s.i.. The shock pump will take to long to fill the empty chamber but is needed to hit the 250p.s.i mark.

    Nice work for your first try!! For more preformance switch that ball valve with a 9V irragation valve. Instantanious release of pressure is the key. You can also rig yourself up a sweet button as the trigger. This will allow you to aim easier without having to remove a hand to launch..

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    i'm not sure where i can get a 9V irragation valve because i live in new zealand got any ideas?