Step 6: For Those Who Are About to Rock...

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Well about 1 weekend and $50 later you're ready to create musical fusion.  Time to string it up and get in tune.  Get some tabs for your favorite Dire Straits song (my christening song was "Money for Nothing") and crank it up to 11.

Final thoughts,
I did enjoy this build even though it was kind of cheating.  I have been interested in building a box guitar for a while but have found guitar parts to be a bit on the expensive side.  A set of new tuning machines can go for as much as $40 at the local music store.  Add in the cost of wood for the neck and electronics and you could easily spend 100 large.  It may not be the prettiest axe on the stage, but at least it's not a cookie cutter.  I did notice that due to the thickness of the jewelery box, the acoustics have a very low tone and may not be as loud as I'd like.  One thing I may try is mounting the practice amp that came with the guitar inside the box.  If I came across another cheap guitar again I would definitely consider making another.  I already have a really nice cigar box on standby now that I know the limits of my carpentry skills.

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable.

khurlxen5 years ago
what the sacrifice your own guitar.....
it's only a sacrifice if it was nice to begin with... here, a peice of junk was turned into art, in a creative way.... sacrifice is pulling a pete townsend!
jackbrass (author) 5 years ago
Yeah, I've been there...tin can microphone? Sounds cool.
Cool stuff. I'm sure you've been to www.cigarboxnation.com to see their stuffs. have you looked at making a tin can microphone yet? they actually sound pretty great.