This Instructable/Ikea Hack is going to teach you how I built a glass top desk with ambient lighting.  

There is many ways you can do this project but I chose something cheap and simple to work with. So I chose to get my materials at Ikea. Really, you can get your materials in whatever shape/size you desire.

You can also upgrade to an Ambilight-like system instead of pre programmable Ikea lights and use the DIY guide Amblone to make your RGB LEDs react to the colors on your monitor.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this Instructable.

Step 1: Materials/Tools:

For this project, you will need....

- x1 White Malm glass top
- x1 Ekby Viktor wall shelf
- x4 Vika Adils legs
- x1 Dioder RGB LED light strip set
- 2 Pieces of wood to raise the glass up (I got mine in the "As-is" section at Ikea for $2 each.)
- x4 Screws long enough to fit through your piece of wood and into the wall shelf

- x1 #2 Phillips screwdriver
That looks awesome - what a neat idea :D

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