I was poorly today so I made a K'NEX gun! The handle is based off KSF's Mr. Doomsday and the rest is mine.

It has a tactical rail (kinda) and goes about 60ft.

Please say what you like about it and what you don't.

Awesome range!
Comfortable handle!
Tac. rail!
Oodammo mag!
can you say you make your stuff please
cooooooooooooool =D
its ok 2.0*
What does 'Ooadammo' mean?
It's a Red connecter connected to a white rod
So 'Ooadammo' is ammunition that is a red 3-way connector connected to a white rod?
Yeah, it is the most stable in flight.
Okay 3.5*.
Thanks, remember that it's my first one and I spent no more than an hour on it :)
Try adding an Oodamo mag.:)
Just tried that and... <br>SUCSESS! <br>I'll post another photo on this!
Now its up to 4*. (My Rating)
good <br>
wait how do you have 2 mags on 1 gun? I've seen it work b4 but this one looks different... expain on v3
What would you improve?
Thanks, it took me at least an hour and a half.
Design looks rather shoddy and flimsy.
I've made it better now, I'll upload photo soon :)
OK, I've added an oodammo clip and a blue rod clip, you can fire both at the same time or each one seperately. The oodammo mag fires two at a time (not deliberate) <br>Anything else, I've been very creative :)
its ok
What would you improve?
i dont really know.

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