My First K'NEX Gun!




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Introduction: My First K'NEX Gun!

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I was poorly today so I made a K'NEX gun! The handle is based off KSF's Mr. Doomsday and the rest is mine.

It has a tactical rail (kinda) and goes about 60ft.

Please say what you like about it and what you don't.

Awesome range!
Comfortable handle!
Tac. rail!
Oodammo mag!



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    can you say you make your stuff please

    It's a Red connecter connected to a white rod

    So 'Ooadammo' is ammunition that is a red 3-way connector connected to a white rod?

    Yeah, it is the most stable in flight.

    Thanks, remember that it's my first one and I spent no more than an hour on it :)

    Try adding an Oodamo mag.:)

    Just tried that and...
    I'll post another photo on this!

    Now its up to 4*. (My Rating)

    wait how do you have 2 mags on 1 gun? I've seen it work b4 but this one looks different... expain on v3

    Thanks, it took me at least an hour and a half.