My First Steampunk Project


Introduction: My First Steampunk Project

About: Owner of Groovy Gecko's Comic's & Games in Williamsburg, Virginia Stop in and see us. Charlie

I made this for one of the guys who comes to my store it is my fist steampunk project still need to do some edging but I think it came out pretty good.

Let me know what you think.




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    that's pretty awesome. how did you do it?

    Not to be rude, but this is not suitable for this site. This site is for instructions on how to do things, not to just display your works.

    Hey Charlie,

    The detailing on there looks really cool! If you do have more photos or could explain how you put it together that would be awesome :)

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    I agree. It is after all!

    er, is that a steampunkified REAL fire arm? the shape looks like a 9mm of some type, though could be airsoft or something i guess.

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    the silver star w/ wings in the middle really puts a touch on it. and where did u get it i want that star and wings

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    The wings came from tandy Leather

    Thank u and I appreciate it :)

    looks good. with brown belts, it would look even better.


    Nerf Maverick, weapon of choice for steampunks everywhere. I'm looking for some direction on a leg holster for one of my own. Looking forward to seeing your take on it.

    Hey guys I do have some more photo's coming with construction technique.. this is just a preview.. the Gun is a Nerf

    I agree with Kiteman, I want to see more details.

    I think we need more pictures - did you take any as you made it?