I made this for one of the guys who comes to my store it is my fist steampunk project still need to do some edging but I think it came out pretty good.

Let me know what you think.

<p>that's pretty awesome. how did you do it?</p>
Not to be rude, but this is not suitable for this site. This site is for instructions on how to do things, not to just display your works.
Hey Charlie,<br /><br />The detailing on there looks really cool! If you do have more photos or could explain how you put it together that would be awesome :)
I agree. It is INSTRUCTABLES.com after all!
er, is that a steampunkified REAL fire arm? the shape looks like a 9mm of some type, though could be airsoft or something i guess.
I think it's a Nerf gun.
well that's no fun
its a Nerf Maverick...
the silver star w/ wings in the middle really puts a touch on it. and where did u get it i want that star and wings <br>
The wings came from tandy Leather
Thank u and I appreciate it :)
looks good. with brown belts, it would look even better.
Nerf Maverick, weapon of choice for steampunks everywhere. I'm looking for some direction on a leg holster for one of my own. Looking forward to seeing your take on it.
Hey guys I do have some more photo's coming with construction technique.. this is just a preview.. the Gun is a Nerf gun...lol
I agree with Kiteman, I want to see more details.
I think we need more pictures - did you take any as you made it?

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