Step 29: How to use

Picture of How to use
Roll over the text boxes on the graphics to see what each part is

The metal power cord pull turns the synthesizer on and off.

The speaker is where the sound comes out of.

The volume slider adjusts the loudness of the volume.

The sequencer LEDs show which of the sequencer knobs is currently making audio. The color LED that is lit up is the same color as the knob currently controlling the audio.

The colorful piano buttons allows you to interrupt the sequencer and play your own notes. By toggling the sequencer toggle switch, you can turn off the sequencer and play only the piano buttons.

The top row of switches controls the internal mixer and the comparator. Flicking them changes the sound the synthesizer makes.

Note about the mixer: When all of the mixer switches are in the down position, the synth will stop making noise. To fix this, flick one up. Different combinations of these switches may disable pulsed-tone mode and the noise control.

The bottom row of switches does the follow (from left to right):

1) The sequencer toggle turns of the sequencer for piano button-only mode
2) The note repeat switch stops the sequencer in the first position, and lets you control the sound with the blue knob.
3) The one-shot switch toggles one-shot mode on and off. This is the difference between long discreet notes from the sequencer and short staccato notes.
4) The pulse-tone knob toggles the pulse-tone knob on and off. This only works in certain configurations of the mixer switches.

The bottom group of knobs does the following (by color):

Purple) The rate knob controls the speed of the sequencer.
Red) The pulse-tone control knob adjusts the amount of pulses played per note when the mixer is in pulse-tone mode.
yellow) The noise control knob adjusts the amount of noise overlaid on top of the musical note.
Green) The pitch control knob adjusts the octave of the audio to make it higher and lower.
Blue) The filter knob changes the character of the sound and makes it dull or sharp.