My Flik Rydr (All Terrain Model) Mods Wanted




Introduction: My Flik Rydr (All Terrain Model) Mods Wanted

About: I am a 14 year old guy who enjoys electronics and knex and video games

This is the updated version of my own flik rydr but I'm still sure you can build it from the pic



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    Does anyone have any mods for this

    Sorry hunter I don't have a reply button like u said

    Yeah like hunter said use the reply button, but you probably use the phone app. They don't have reply buttons ;)

    It welcome hunter and good job on it knex whisk

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    Yeah, thanks! The whisk got featured as well as coming runner up in the "Rods and Connectors" contest.

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    Thanks again and be sure to check out my other creations on my page!

    Stay tuned :)


    Ur welcome* sorry my spellcheck screwed up


    Hey guys be sure to check out my motorized toy slot car (it doesn't need a track to run) its in my profile, check it out please

    Thanks hunter ill follow you

    And Sandro these are from a value tub

    Thanks legodude