Introduction: My Floating Home

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I built this raft because I have always wanted a boat. I call it the party barge . It is about 4 and a half by 4 and a half .

Step 1: Frame

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First you need to make the frame .you can make it to your specs but I like mine.

Take a 2x4 cut to the length you like then nail it or use screws . This part is pretty self explanatory but still. Repeat the step above until you have a strong square. Then add cross braces for support. I did mine to form a x in the middle. I don't have any pictures of building the raft . Just from after it was built .

Step 2: Deck

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For the deck I used 1x6 . I nailed them down with 8d galvanized nails. I left a small space between each of the boards . Towards the back I nailed a 4x4 down and drilled a 1 and a half inch hole for rod and reel holders. Next I found some old reflectors and nailed them down . Safety first.

Step 3: Amenities

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After I got the deck like I like it I made a small stove to go on it . To do this just drill some holes in the bottom of a coffee can . Under the stove I put a old license plate to keep it from catching fire. I then added a tiki torch for light and keep the mosquitos away . After that I made an anchor out of a bowling ball with a eye bolt in it . To make the rudder drill a hole in the 4x4 big enough for a pipe to fit snug then make a rudder and drill a hole in it to fit some what loose . Then put some 5 gallon buckets with a lid under it and enjoy .


Watch me make (author)2015-10-19

My jeans are wet because when we first put it in it started to float away. And I had to go in after it. But since then I have adde two more buckets instead of the the four.

Jobar007 (author)2015-10-19

Looks to me like you need a couple extra buckets for flotation. Your sneakers look like they are partly submerged and in the picture of your kneeling, your jeans look wet.

Neat idea. I really like the anchor!

Uncle Kudzu (author)2015-10-18

Pretty cool! A swiveling chair might be nice on there, to keep you high and dry and have a range of positions. Or maybe one more 5-gallon bucket to sit on. Anyway, happy floating!

MandalorianMaker (author)2015-10-17

Wow, that water you launched it in is beautifully clear. Great 'ible

Watch me make (author)2015-10-17

Thanks I'm working on something new but can't reveal any details so stay tuned.

ClenseYourPallet (author)2015-10-17

Awesome man! I love all the add ons... Keep the instructables coming

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-17

Great homemade raft!

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