Flowers usually carry a message when they're given to someone. I thought it was interesting that a lot of flowers look like "loudspeakers". To take this idea further, i made this flower messenger as a flower that could also potentially deliver the message it was carrying using sound. 

You will need:
- a flower of choice.
- an iPad with the 123dCatch app
- the Meshmixer software
- the 123dMake app (can use 123dmake.com on a computer)
- Cardboard
- access to a laser cutter

Step 1: Catching the Flower

I picked a flower I liked and decided to embed it in a roll of clay so that it would sit upright and be easy to shoot. Use 123dcatch to make a 3D file of the object. I used an iPad to take images and to process the catch. 

In this picture I also show the directions in which I shot the flower so that it would "catch" well. I went 360 degrees around the flower twice and then caught it from the bottom to the top from several positions. I hope the arrows I've drawn explain this better.

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