My K'nex A.R.M. Gun (Awesome Removable Magazine)





Introduction: My K'nex A.R.M. Gun (Awesome Removable Magazine)

This is my Foldable K'nex A.R.M. Gun (Awesome Removable Magazine).
It's my second K'nex gun instructable, but the first one sucked and was a complete disaster, so i took it down.
This gun is much MUCH better than the last one, it's amazing, to my opinion. I love this gun so freak'in much !!!
I hope you enjoy this gun as much as i do.

removable mag
powerful, got it to shoot 73 ft
easy-to-use ram
comfy handle
sturdy mag house
sights, pretty accurate
non-breaking, comfortable trigger
nicely shaped magazine
looks good, shaped like a pistol (if you ignore magazine)
small, easy to store and transport, comes in handy in a k'nex war, doesn't use many pieces
mag ram never breaks because it stops just before where the ram goes

long time to load magazine
handle isn't very sturdy
takes a long process to fold

I would give this gun a 7.5/10

How to load the magazine:

How to insert a loaded magazine into the gun:

1. gun, magazine, bullets/rounds, magazine cock.
2. gun with magazine.
3. loaded magazine outside of the gun.
4. loaded magazine inside the gun.

Step 1: Handle & Trigger

1. make these
2. gather these
3. attach like so
4. attach like so
5. attach like so
6. attach like so
7. make these
8. attach like so
9. gather these (optional)
10. attach like so (optional)
11. make these
12. attach like so
13. attach like so
14. attach like so
15. make these
16. attach like so (sorry for the blur)

Step 2: Barrel

1. make 2 of these
2. make these
3. connect like so
4. gather these
5. attach like so
6. another view
7. attach like so
8. another view
9. attach second plate

Step 3: Outter Shell

1. make this (they're the same thing twice)

Step 4: Putting It All Together

1. this is what you should have by now
2. attach the outter shell with the barrel
3. do the same on the other side
4. get these
5. attach like so
6. connect the handle to the outer shell like so
7. another view

Step 5: The Ram and Elastics

1. this is the ram (grey/black rod, brown straight 2-way connector, green/black tiny rod, grey 1-way connector, blue rod, blue and beige/bronze clips)
2. close-up of the ram
3. tape it all up except for the hole of the brown straight 2-way connector, through which you insert all the rubberbands
4. tie up 2 rubberbands to make this and this is the type of bands you wanna use with the ram
5. close up of the ram with tape and bands (you might wanna put a band arround the 2 clips of the ram to keep them together)
6. insert the ram here
7. tie the bands like this on both sides
8. get another band
9. put it on the trigger like so on both sides

Step 6: Magazines

1. make these (identical except for the white/grey rod at the top, where they have to be put facing different sides)
2. make these (identical)
3. gather these (7 white/grey rods)
4. attach like so
5. add like so
6. add like so
7. make this
8. insert into magazine like so (notice that the grey spacer is at the bottom of the magazine and that it is next to the white rod in the middle there)
9.connect the 3-way connector
10. add rubber-band here as shown



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are the wheal things just for decoration

uugh... mean*. seriously, couldn't you understand from context. i think you could, but you want to be annoying.

you're a bit late, and this gun is a bit (a lot) outdated, but if you want to, sure, knock yourself out.

Kool - i shal build this tomorrow and let you know what i think. I still wanna build the ZKAR if you have any internal pictures of it?

word of advice - don't build this gun. sure, at the time i thought it was cool, but it really wasn't back then, and it definitely isn't now. just spare yourself this crappy gun. it's the type where you have to cock the mag pusher and let go in the gun, and if you take the mag out after you've released it in the gun, it will explode in your face. forget about it. if you want a compact gun you'd be better off with the S2. i think it uses less pieces too.