Introduction: My Free Mosaic Montage Tool - RasTiler

Picture of My Free Mosaic Montage Tool - RasTiler

With tens, hundreds or thousands images, creating a montage image in just only seconds.

More details and tutorials here.

Quick Start Video :

Step 1: Download RasTiler and Unzip.

Picture of Download RasTiler and Unzip.

DownLoad ReleaseRasTiler.rar Green version.


Step 2: Launch RasTiler

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Step 3: Change Language.

Picture of Change Language.

Traditional Chinese / English

Step 4: Add Your Own Reference Images.

Picture of Add Your Own Reference Images.

Start. After starting RasTiler, there are many default thumbs. You can clear all and add your own images later.

File / Clear All..

Step 5: Import Source Images

Picture of Import Source Images

The more images you import the better quality you will get.

Step 6: Set Thumb Size.

Picture of Set Thumb Size.

Move the scrollbar to adjust the thumb size.

Adjust Thumb Size.

Step 7: Select or ​Import Target Image

Picture of Select or ​Import Target Image

Select an image file as the target image

Step 8: Run

Picture of Run

Just press the green button and need only seconds

Step 9: ​Complete

Picture of ​Complete

Press the Zoom IN/Out button in top toolbar to view the result

Step 10: ​Export Taret Image

Picture of ​Export Taret Image

Output result as image file in 3 format of .bmp .jpg .gif

Step 11: Extras.

Picture of Extras.

You can do image-processing to original image before generating the Montage image.

Also you can do image-processing to the generated Montage image.

Step 12: ​Real Size Preview

Picture of ​Real Size Preview

Press the top Arrow keys to view.

Step 13: More Free Tools.

Picture of More Free Tools.


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