My Friend Joni's Samus Costume





Introduction: My Friend Joni's Samus Costume

 So my mom sent me this gel-filled mat thing which was shipped around this real nice, sturdy cardboard tube. After admiring the mat, I immediately put the tube on my arm and started shooting at my roommate with my new arm-cannon. This got me to thinking about famous wielders of the arm-cannon throughout history, which got me to pondering Metroid. I recalled that my friend Joni had been musing about wanting to be some kind of super-heroine for Halloween this year. It hit me. "Holy Smokes!" I thought, "That Samus Aran is pretty super-heroinic! I wonder if we could build a whole costume around a shipping-tube arm-cannon?"

A couple trips to Goodwill and some searching around the basement for all those LEDs that I pulled out of that dumpster a while ago, and we were ready to find out.

<PS - I unfortunately didn't find out about the Halloween contest until after the Samus Helmet™ was already made, so I didn't even think to take any pictures. Whoops. Turns out, though, that the same model of steam cleaner that I used to make the helmet is apparently utilized at my work place. So I did take some before-type pictures, and some afters of the, uh, finished product, so you guys can probably figure it out. All it took was some blue LEDs, a Dremel and some red spraypaint. And lots of electrical tape.>



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    Tight job! I love the "Blam" picture; what a space bounty hunter!

    lol joni if u see this i want ur costume

    This costume RULES! It was really fun to wear. Gus is so freaking crazy with imagination and wonderfulness.

    Awesome. I like the cardboard tube seed of inspiration.

    This costume rules!!!  
    It's super creative that you made it with stuff that was headed for the trash, how imaginative!

    It's Samus. HOLY COW! That's a great custom made costume.

    Nice work! Amazing costume made of re-used items. Thanks for keeping Halloween awesome and GREEN!

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    I'm digging this Sport Goods Samus! Great DIY.