A "table" for two made of felt and plywood. Find a partner in order to use it. It´s funny - and it works!
Feel free to improve it, get inspired and make your own Valentines Day Partner Table design!

Step 1: Pieces.

All the Peaces you need for your Funny Valentine Partner Table: 2-3 mm Felt, 3-4 mm plywood, cutlery, plates, 4x rubber band, 2x strings
what if one person is taller than the other? :P
<strong>that is good </strong>
Man, you have great ideas!
Ha! it's awesome! but I can't read the words in the comic...
So cute!<br />
I LOVE IT......<br />
&nbsp;thats a great idea! why has no one thought of this before!!!
&nbsp;just brilliant on all fronts!
great concept!<br />
I prefer the double feedbag.&nbsp; Much easier to pack for a picnic.<br />

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