My Game Room





Introduction: My Game Room

It took 2 days, and practically no effort to create. This was so I could have my 360 and my mom could watch TV at the same time.



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    At first I thought this was the before you do what you're planning on doing picture.  Perhaps you should check out sites like photo bucket or even the social sites like facebook or myspace if you wanted to show people pictures of your gaming table.  When looking at game rooms instructables I was expecting something more of a room type organizing instructable. 

    i would not keep out my games like that make surer they are not exposed to light or out buy a nice CD case for the m nice collection of games also

    you should buy a 32in panasonic viera. they're good. buy one.

    Hmmm... no offence intended, but anyone can put a tv on a table and hook up an xbox to it, I would be more impressed if you had then hooked up your own custom speaker system or routed your xbox - tv - pc or something like that.

    i like mine betterno xbox though
    i have 60 watt speakers w/boomer
    dual screenplan to have at least 4 soon
    geting a laser mouse soon
    will post pic soon internet is to slow

    You even said it yourself that it took "practically no effort to create" so whats the point of showing us your messy desk? Try at least to fit everything into place efficiently. Maybe spray paint your TV or something. It does look a bit like a bit of a mess.

    What does the thumb drive in the xbox do?

    Show pictures to my friends.


    Well, I guess that your "Game Room" is OK but this is not an instructable. How does this teach s how to do anything?