My Garden: Asparagus




Introduction: My Garden: Asparagus

Truth is growing asparagus wasn't even close in my list of "things to grow this spring/summer" but I went with it when I saw them at the garden section in Walmart in clearance for just a buck (for 5 roots) (1 dollar). I thought, why not just try? its just a buck. I didn't have a lot of dirt left from the other plants I was growing, so I decided to make a small trench and fill it with dirt and plant them there. The first few weeks weren't as great as I would've hoped (mid-April) and I was already a few months behind (In dallas, supposed to plant near jan/feb). The rain/hail didnt do as much damage as I expected and 1 plant started growing very fast (2 inches a day) with the sunny week we had (im guessing). It kept growing and growing, I stopped really paying attention when It got many little branches. Last week I checked it and to my surprise another plant appeared next to the first. I forgot to mention I used miracle gro (the blue powder) on the plants every week. The first plant has started with a lot of flowers and i thought it was a female but you cant be sure since both (male and female) plants have flowers, but the female ones turn into berries in about a month. Thats about it for my asparagus plants... for now...

(all the pictures are from my phone. I hope to update new pictures with a new dslr... :)

More pictures here:
I couldn't upload them all since they were too many for the uploader



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