This is an entry for the Garden contest. I will be sharing my garden pictures,

there will be landscape and micro photos so no one would get bored :)

these photos were taken over the time perioid of two years.

I enjoyed taking these pictures very much 

and hope that you guys will feel the same way :)
I love taking macro shots at older historical sites and gardens, also if you bring a piece of blank paper into a greenhouse, you can make it seem like a studio. If it is during a sunset, you can bring a flashlight, like... a good one would be a 9 lumen LED flashlight from a distance. Just shine it at the paper. Or bring a water sprayer or dropper, and just make it look like morning. The paper works good with an easel. I'm only 12, and I have an eye for macro.
cammers4 years ago
Where is "Land of Dream"? I want go there and eat mango on the lawn.
Kiteman4 years ago
You ought to crop the picture of the hoepoe to make it easier for folk to see such a magnificent bird.

I'm jealous you had one on your lawn.

splazem Kiteman4 years ago
How did you know that... Great pictures, though!
Kiteman splazem4 years ago
Click the "i" in the corner, and you can look at the photo at the same size it was uploaded, and zoom in as well.
splazem Kiteman4 years ago
No, I know that. I meant, how did you know that the bird is called a hoepoe? That, is the amazing thing.
Kiteman splazem4 years ago

It's a very distinctive bird, very few other species look similar.

I'm a birder as well as a Maker. I've never seen a hoepoe in the flesh, but they do occasionally turn up in the UK.
splazem Kiteman4 years ago
I actually do enjoy small-scale birding on my front porch. Unfortunately, I have never seen a hoepoe (I have seen an indigo bunting, though, and that was cool).
Kiteman splazem4 years ago

Eurasian Hoopoe

RSPB entry with UK distribution.

splazem Kiteman4 years ago
kimokono (author)  splazem4 years ago
Thank you :)
kimokono (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thank you for your interest, i added a couple more pictures that i had of the hoopoe.

actually there were days where there were whole families of them surrounding the garden, i just don't know why i didn't pick my camera and take some pictures :D
sadel4 years ago
nice work really great wish u the best and to win
tinker2344 years ago
nice you are going to win i hope
Rider5424 years ago
What is the name of the flower in the very first picture? Its absolutely beautiful :)
kimokono (author)  Rider5424 years ago
This flower is called the yellow hibiscus flower, when it's open it will like the the flower in the 4th picture :)
Hey kimo ,,, when i told you about the contest i thought you may have a chance to win the 1 year subscription ,,not the Nikon . :D

Awesome pictures man ,, i hope you win because i know you are a good friend and will borrow me the camera :P