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These are my pictures.


DOOF ONER (author)2015-07-28

Yo spudling9 u up fer a trade

-5nip3- (author)2009-04-24

Nich stuff, but now u are are Toy, sry... U cant bomb them on a wall...

xPlumb (author)-5nip3-2015-06-08

I bet you don't even get up. Stop Hating, btw nice throws spulding


Keep it up you have potential.


spudling9 (author)-5nip3-2009-04-24

Im not a toy these are just my sketches not my tags, or bombs.
Not my best work actually.
i'll post some but the freeway is my canvas.
I will prove that im not a toy
and also if you think I can't bomb these than you my friend are a toy

krampus (author)2009-04-22

em, nice art work. but i perfer to bomb then just drawing on my black book. i only draw on black book for those complex ones. keep it up.

spudling9 (author)krampus2009-04-24

what cans you use or do you rack it? krylon molotow montana rustoleum

krampus (author)spudling92009-04-25

in my location here (malaysia) we can't get any branded weapons ( you know brand like u listed) most of them are block by customs and consumer department. dont ask me why. even bombing will cause you 2yrs jail and 2 strokes of cane. but 3year back when i am in europa, i use molotow and also montana. it's eary and yet will cover more surface. i just start back my work last few months after i am sick of the boring and sill system the country offer. yes i still have few molotow markers. here are a list of my toys: 1. molotow marker 20mm. 2.nippon black spray 3.nippon gold spray 4. custom made marker by my own: 200ml shoe polish bottle x 3. 1 cola 1ml bottle custom marker. as you can see now i use marker more than cans. XD so what u use for your art piece? where you from? nice to meet you by the way!

spudling9 (author)krampus2009-04-25

nice to meet you! But I live in orange county I basically order markers off of such as: molotow burners do'Em dirty mops masterpiece markers and for cans montanas as you can see I use markers more than cans too! XD Not a molotow fan for cans myself

krampus (author)spudling92009-04-26

Yes, i know about lol, markers is still the best now a days there is some quick dry paint that able to replace marker in. which me and my buddys are trying to use it on our artwork.

spudling9 (author)krampus2009-04-27

cool I just bought a new molotow burner and a krink k-60
if your ever going to buy a marker than buy those
it's super permanent I got it on my friend a while ago
and it's still there!! with the burner

and Smash ink is the best!!!!!! =D

Eureika (author)spudling92010-05-09

I hope you express yourself without messing up a lot of public property. :/ I live in Cali and I am so sick of seeing this crap all over street signs and light poles but I don't mind seeing it on murals or building where the owners let people paint.

ilpug (author)Eureika2011-06-02

Orange County California, or Orange County Maine?

spudling9 (author)ilpug2011-07-09


ilpug (author)spudling92011-07-16

nice. i myself am north of san francisco.

amtdude (author)2010-07-22

do an actual peice, dont copy gocer's stuff (the one you did said dosing) and if you do dont show us, stop pratcing throwups cause your good enough at em, start doing peices and get good at those. that is about all the help i can give you, check out my ible! dont be hati'n

spudling9 (author)amtdude2011-07-09

nice gramma pic btw haha

spudling9 (author)amtdude2011-07-09

good adv. i cant tell u how old this is. im doin more pieces than ever. i bomb still but not im n my book. ill try ( if i can anytime soon) to post more of my better artwork

ilpug (author)2011-06-02

Heres my semi-pro advice. 1.You copy alot, at least in your blackbook. its okay to get inspiration, but people hate copycats. 2. you have a good eye for drawing. Keep practicing. 3. get out and do some painting man. 4. it looks like you have knowledge of a wide range of styles, but are not totally pro at a specific one. instead of doing a bit on every one, pick one, practice it for a few months, get it down, then paint it for a bit, and move on to a new style. that makes everything more in-depth.

DAEmon. (check out for me in NorCal)

flerfmod2 (author)2011-05-11

Real nice!! What markers and stuff do you use?

rockgod57 (author)2010-05-21

awesome if u could please make an instructable on them cuz i can draw it but i want some tips on different kinds of styles and details.

zbrown2016 (author)2009-08-06

is juice your tag name? if it is change it cus thats mine

spudling9 (author)zbrown20162009-08-06

no and if it was i'd change it. i respect other writer's. unless i had the name first.

daltondude (author)2009-07-29

good, u need some pics of ur stuff on the street though it always semms to look better there than on paper

spudling9 (author)daltondude2009-07-29

thanks man i know i need to upload some but most are guarded by cops i've hit at night. >=) So ill try and find some that i've bombed and will take pictures. i'll keep u posted.

IanPhagg (author)2009-07-08

ummm... no ofense buh toy??? lol the best thing is saw was the caractas at the start and that cbs thing... oh and the blackbook thing of jerk... practice befoa u get out thea. u dnt want anywun capping u. uv got potential. and fucken sick pens!!!

spudling9 (author)IanPhagg2009-07-08

i've gotten better. these are my toy stuff but i've gotten a LOT better.

coryashe09 (author)2009-07-03

am a toy some 1 addme on msn and help me wi mi work i need real help so heres mi msn help me plz

krampus (author)2009-04-25

keep in mind. train your self with speed and then start the real thing. good luck

tabbyowns (author)2009-04-17

That's nice. I like the way the pictures "POP" out. Don't tag me. JK JK JK JK

spudling9 (author)tabbyowns2009-04-18


ker-boom101 (author)2009-03-09

I like your Blackbook Pieces I Recommend Sharpie Paints for blackbooks I also noticed your tag jwaws? It doesnt really have much flow to it try shifting the letters around or making new ones and try to make it more fluid alot of respect i gained based on flow

spudling9 (author)ker-boom1012009-03-09

i use decos for my pieces but for these ones I only had "juice" that was made up of those colors as you can see it is pretty shiny thats because the ink is actually paint thus "paint pens". oh and "jwaws" is my graff name. it's not "acorn" though I might change it cuz it looks cool.

( ja-was)

it was a mistake I meant to write "jaws"...='(.

ker-boom101 (author)spudling92009-03-17

Ahaha Looks good then :P

spudling9 (author)ker-boom1012009-03-17

Well, yeah... for a mistake. XD

iBurn (author)spudling92009-03-28

It's only a mistake the first time. "HEY! THAT LOOKS COOL!" and so my tag was born.

offwidthe (author)2009-02-27

"stay up"

ledzep567 (author)2009-02-26

... bite more. draw more. post less.

pls (author)2009-02-24

Do these have ANY thing to do with knex??? But anyway, Nice work:) I like graffiti :o

SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)pls2009-02-26

Thats what i was thinking!

spudling9 (author)pls2009-02-24

no but thx

pls (author)spudling92009-02-24

Why is it in the tags O.o?

spudling9 (author)pls2009-02-25

i have no idea i just wanted more tags for some reason

Oompa-Loompa (author)2009-02-24

I like the Instructables one.

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