My Grim Reaper, the living death Halloween costume

This year, I have made 2 costumes..A Samurai One which you can check out here . It took so much time to make the samurai one that I had only 1 day left until Halloween. So..I worked overnight and prepared this costume.I made this Grim Reaper costume using one of mom's black wraparound skirts, a black shirt( I wore the shirt by putting the front side to the back) and I found a scream mask lying in the closet.  I made the scythe by can find the process of making the scythe here 
miniclipper4 years ago
You are scarier without the mask, hahahahaha.
roflbot4 years ago
lol looks like ur from scary movie 1 great cozy
scott!4 years ago
This used to be my costume for a few years in a row!
itgasht4 years ago
ok, is good
Screamo4 years ago
Nice! , love the mask