Step 4: Software and Arduino Code

I used Vixen light control software to control the Arduino. The Arduino receives serial data from Vixen and uses a simple sketch to turn the relays on and off. I found the small sketch from the DIY Christmas Forum. Below is how I configured mine to five channels. 
#define NCH 5    // ALTER THIS: the sum of pwm and digital pins (number of channels from vixen)
#define NPWM 3 // ALTER THIS: the number of PWM pins you use
#define NDIG 2  // ALTER THIS: the number of DIGITAL pins you use...make sure NPWM+NDIG=NCH

int pins[NCH]={ 3,5,6, 2,4  }; //ALTER THIS FOR YOUR PHYSICAL PINS...pwm first then normal digital pins (set for UNO currently)
int data[NCH];   // to buffer incoming data

void setup()
  Serial.begin(38400);  // ALTER THIS: for various serial speeds on Vixen                   
  for (int i=0; i<NCH; i++) pinMode ( pins[i], OUTPUT ); 

void readSerialBuffer()  { for (int i=0; i<NCH; i++) data[i] = Serial.read(); }

void outputToPins()   {
  for (int i=0; i<NPWM; i++) analogWrite(pins[i], data[i]); // first pwm
  for (int i=NPWM; i<NCH; i++) // now digital outputs
         if (data[i]<127) digitalWrite(pins[i], LOW); else digitalWrite(pins[i], HIGH);

void loop()

   if (Serial.available() >= NCH) {

I had to make sure the exact numbers of channels I was going to use in Vixen is setup in the sketch. I also had to make sure that the Baud rate matched on Vixen and the Arduino sketch.  I had Vixen output to the Arduino via the Generic Serial Output. Lastly I had to make sure the serial output matched the serial port on the Arduino. 

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