My Harry Potter Handmade Necklaces, Wand Pens,Harry Potter Statue





Introduction: My Harry Potter Handmade Necklaces, Wand Pens,Harry Potter Statue

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Sorry i forgot to take picture but i will tell all the steps.
Wish you enjoy.

Step 1: Wand Pen

For Wand Pen you need :
1.A pen 2.Glue gun

3.Acrylic color ( i used black , dark brown , light brown , and a little bit of gold)

First let the glue gun get hot completely, then make the patterns that you like. Let it dry. Then color it carefully and nicely. You are done with wand pen.

Step 2: Harry Potter Statue

For Harry potter statue you need :

1. clay

2.nail polish or acrylic color

3.Super Glue

Make a circle with clay and make some strings , then attach strings to the head.Then make a body attach the head to the body you can glue the parts to make sure it is completely attached. Make an scarf with the clay. Attach it to the neck. And you can color it like the following image.

Step 3: Necklaces

For necklaces You need :


2.For coloring you can use nail polish or acrylic color ( i used nail polish)

3.For necklace handle you can bend a wire and pull in to the clay

Cut the clay into rectangles and pull the handle in the middle of every single rectangle let them dry. Then color them and write or draw (the words or drawings in the picture above). Then apply an nail polish topcoat on the necklaces to keep them secure from any damage.

My necklaces writings are ( Gryffindor, Slytherin, Slytherindor, Dobby, 9 3/4)

My drawings are ( snape face and writing of turn to page 394 and always,harry's glasses and scar)

Step 4: ​Broomstick Statue ( Necklace)

Broomstick statue ( necklace) Things you need:


2.Acrylic color (i used light and dark brown and gold)

Make a broomstick like the following image then color it like the image.

Step 5: Wand

Wand Things you need :

1.Two pencils or a piece of wood

2.Glue gun


4.Acrylic color

5.Topcoat (nail polish)

Sand paper the wood`s start until it looks thinner than the end (if you are making with pencil attach the pencils to each other with super glue). Make patterns with the the glue gun. Let it dry. Then color it. And after that use the topcoat nail polish to secure the wand.



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    use chopsticks for the wand & try polymer clay instead of hot glue & paint. It'll work out better. I have made a lot of the wands for kids parties.

    1 reply

    o really i will try it ! i wanted to make it with the things that are in home. thanks ;)

    Very cool! My daughter liked this and is sharing it on her FB page, It will be posted on Wednesday 8/3/2016.

    1 reply

    OH really i will check it out for sure ! ;)