My Haunted House Costume's Evolution


Introduction: My Haunted House Costume's Evolution

This is how my costume evolved from oldest (around 2008) to the newest picture from my 2010 haunted house. Every group of pictures showing off just props means the start of a new haunt season, the first 3 are 2008 , saw n helmets then 2009 and then the dr's mirror hat is 210. Also to clarify the shirt apron and pants are the same ones i started with, i just kept staining em over the years.

if you have any questions on how to make any thing in the pictures let me know  here is how i made my head lights



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    i'm adding to it this year , and after looking through the pictures i noticed there are no picture from last year with my gas mask, fake tazer among other stuff. i plan on modifying some boots i have

    Ahh scaring children a hobby of mine (if u wanna know more of my creepiness then look at my profile)