Hey, this is my first Instructable, I know I've left out some things such as pictures for certain steps, but i never thought of making it an Instructable at the time so I'll try to explain what I did at the best of my ability and i hope you enjoy it. :D 

What did I make?
So, my school holds a sports day every year where we get dressed up in our House colours and either compete in events or watch.
Being that I'm in year 12 I thought that would put some effort into what I was going to wear on that day. I was in Wolverton House which is the red house of the school so it seemed fitting to come as Hellboy for the day and make the best costume I possible could with little to no budget.
I would like to say a big thank you to my girlfriend Stephanie for helping me put this together!

How did i make it?
Most of this costume is made from cardboard i had lying around plus a hot glue gun and paint. the other things I used I either already had, borrowed, got for free or bought for quite cheap. for example the coat I had was my father's horse riding coat that he no longer uses and  the make up only cost me a few dollars.

Where did I make it?
I made all of the costume at my house and at my girlfriend's house, whenever I was there we would both work on parts of the costume over the course of a week.

What did you learn?
I managed to find away around money for most parts of this build from asking others for help to finding old things that could be modified to suite what I needed it for, it just requires some imagination and effort. also eyelash glue and getting it in your hair isn't very nice.

This Instructable will be split in to the main parts of my costume.
- Right Arm of Doom
- The Samaritan
- Horns
- Tail
- Belt
- Make up
- Putting the whole thing together

p.s. this isn't exact to the movie because I didn't want to spend any money or not much but I do think it came out very well.

Step 1: The Right Hand of Doom

The Right Hand of Doom that I made was made from almost completely cardboard that had been painted and hot glue to a gardening glove.
For this you will need:
- Cardboard and quite allot of it.
- large Cardboard tube that you can put your arm through (i got mine from a poster i had bought)
- Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
- Some sort of Red enamel Spray paint
- Black, Brown or darker red acrylic pant for the detailing (I chose black and brown)
- Masking tape (to cover up parts of the glove to make it easier to paint
- Scissors or Stanley knife (box cutter)

1. What I did first was measure and cut the poster tube from my wrist just past halfway up my forearm, you can make it shorter if you like.

2. I cut 2 rings both ~ 3 cm (1 or 1 1/4 inch) wide from the tube and then cut though the cuff you have just made so it is still one whole ring but  instead is a broken circle, I have a diagram if I have explained this horribly, i probably have though.

3. Glue and Slide a cuff on each side of the arm/wrist and once it has dried paint it red.

4. For the Glove I cut out finger pieces, knuckles and a back hand out of cardboard, painted them red and then hot glue them all to the glove.
Hellboy only has 4 fingers so what I had done is stuck the middle and ring finger together and then made a single finger piece to cover them both.

5. Finally I had my lovely girlfriend paint on the detailing such as the cracks with black and brown acrylic paint.
well done. <br>
Wow, you certainly got a lot of mileage for the cost. I love the overall look, it's fitting and there is not a single piece that does not go well with the others. Thanks for sharing!

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Bio: Currently completing Year 12 VCE and making a replica Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun.
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