This is the K'nex gun I built in a day or two. I did not copy any designs if that's what you were thinking.
It is not automatic but gives a crapload of power, since it is a slingshot type of gun instead of a ram.

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Step 1: The Tip

Short white rods: 3
Short green or black rods: 3
Small black connectors/rods: 2
White or yellow 5 slot connectors: 3

Step 2: The Barrel

Short white rods: 4
Short green or black rods: 12
Small black connectors/rods: 8
White or yellow 5 slot connectors: 12

Step 3: Connect E'm Both

You need both pieces you were just working on for this step.

Step 4: The Spoke

White or black 8 connector pieces: 1
Short green or black rods: 8
Gray one connector pieces: 12
Gray spacers: 2
Short blue rods: 1

Step 5: The Body

Short green or black rods: 11
Short white rods: 3
Short blue rods: 2
Small black connectors/rods: 2
White or yellow 5 slot connectors: 10
Green 4 slot connectors: 2

Step 6: The Trigger

Red or gray 3 slot connectors: 1
Short black or green rods: 2
Gray 1slot connectors: 1
White or yellow 5 slot connectors: 1
Short blue rods: 2
You will also need the body.

Step 7: The Handle

White or black 8 slot connectors: 2
Short white rods: 4
White or yellow 5 slot connectors: 5
Short blue rods: 1

Step 8: The Final Assembly

You will need the spoke and the body.

Step 9: The Final Assembly Part 2

You will need the handle and the body.

Step 10: The Rubber Band

You will need the barrel and a rubber band.

Step 11: Final Assembly Part 3

You will need the barrel and the body.

Step 12: The Ammo

Use the red or gray 3 slot connectors for ammo.

Step 13: The Saftey Pin

Put the pin through the hole of the bullet and the hole of the closest white or yellow 5 slot connectors.
Blue rods: 1
Blue one slot connectors: 1
BWT you dont need the safety pin. its just there in case it mis-fires.

Step 14: Loading

Pull the rubber band back until it reaches the spoke. Put it on the same latch as in the picture. Then put the bullet where it is in the picture. It will get the most power in this spot. You can adjust the intensity by getting a different size rubber band or adding more sections to the barrel.
What does it shoot?
is it ok if i extend the barrel so it looks more like a shotgun sorta thing?
 yeah sure, why not? are you gonna post it or something?
i dont think so but i'll try to post just a pic, if thats what you ment by posting it
ok thats fine, i dont really care. this gun isnt that great anyway.
I always liked strong rail guns. (BTW: Lol, just guessing, did you watch YouTube Poop?)
um i thought that was a series but no i didnt. what is it about?
what does it fire
red connectors
hello bye
I hope its home made. that would be strange if it wasn't.
THAT TOOK YOU 2 DAYS TO MAKE!!!!!!!<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Rubber-Band-Gun/">MINE</a> TOO ME 1 HOUR!!<br/>
lol, what do you mean by homemade, everyones gun on this websites is? exept those asses that coppy others and take the name for it
why'd u reply to mine
lol soz, i wasnt supposed to, calm down mate
way to kill some space, real subtle too.
your welcome. OOPS, that was supposed to be bananas...
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damn spammers! lol
awesome, it uses the same type of mechanism as mine :D
Pretty cool!
can the gun handle more than 1 rubber band?
well, it can hold 2 rubber bands, but if you would want it to be completely automatic, then you would have to make something to load the bullets in by itself. Although, if you want to load a lot of rubber bands on to it, then I suggest putting some kind of support on the bottom.

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