My Home-made Cigar Box Guitar





Introduction: My Home-made Cigar Box Guitar

A friend and I were having a 4 month-long competition on who could make the best home-made instrument, we don't really know who won, but mine is most known around the community (friends, school, etc.) but yeah, check it out. The neck is a piece of curly maple, the cigar box is a cohiba box of ten cigars, imported from the Dominican Republic, store-bought tuners (I'm lame), left over strings, and a piezo for the pick-up. I'll most likly be making another and will be sure to make an instructable on it.



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what are the sizes of the box

If I get 4 bass strings and a long enough neck would that be a cigar bass?

you should be able to, its the same principle for a regular guitar vs a bass, there almost the same exccept bass has longer strings

Cigar Box Nation has tons of FREE PLANS including links to instructional videos. Check out the Free Cigar Box Guitar plans at

if you want to learn how to make one, just google cigar box guitar,there are plenty of sites, btw i love the guitar it is one of the best Ihave seen

dude it would be really nice if you made an instructional video plz!!! i have most the stuff to make this

Thank you

Would someone clue me in as to where to find a cigar box, please?

Pretty much all places that sell cigars sell the empty boxes, too. They usually just cost a dollar or two.