Picture of My Homebuilt Guitar
BEAUTIFUL! I love the Grain! and a jem style body! I made a PRS style guitar, Maple cap, and Tele neck profile.
Very good!
Pyrochik3 years ago
I noticed that you hadn't yet strung it in the pic. does it play? My old man has made a couple of electric guitars from different parts of broken guitars as well as parts that he fashioned himself. They play!! Woo Hoo!
ski4jesus (author)  Pyrochik3 years ago
Yah!! haha it plays brilliantly! i am sooo happy with the tone and brightness of it. it came out much better than it went.
randofo4 years ago
Nicely done! I presume it has roughly the dimensions of a Stratocaster? What type of wood did you use for the body?
ski4jesus (author)  randofo4 years ago
Thank you! Yes, it has the same look and feel as a Strat, except a couple user preferred things. I used a laminate with different types of wood, mostly pine though. thank you for the comments!
NachoMahma4 years ago
. Nice.