My Homemade Bow





Introduction: My Homemade Bow

I found some pvc pipe about 1" wide which was around 4mm thick, I remembered seeing someone making a pvc pipe bow so I had a go. I basically just followed a you tube video by BackyardBowyer he makes some nice bows. If you are thinking of making one make sure you have tough pvc and follow his tutorials. Good luck!



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    This is great! Well done! My boys and I are just about to start our first Backyard Bowyer PVC bows ourselves! I'll let you know how we get on!

    Well I kinda rushed a little, but probably just under an hour. And yeah it works pretty good.

    how long did it take you to make?
    does it work?

    No it is not my own idea and yes I copied like i have said in the description. It may have been better but it doesn't matter, I just wanted to share what I have made. Okay

    So, it's not really your own idea? You copied it from somebody elses video on YouTube?
    It would have been better if it was your own idea wouldn't it?