This knife is tough. I have tried everything with it to see what it will take to break. I've thrown it, dunked it in water,stabbed a tree with it, and I can still light the matches that come with my homemade mini survival kit. Its made from a file and holds a razor sharp edge! i would choose it over anything else in a survival situation
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OK, the PVC handle does not break away from the metal blade? Tell me how!
i had a smaller piece of 1/2 pvc that the back of the knife fit into, so i attached those two with jb weld. then i put that glued up piece into the handle and jb welded it. i will get an instructable up, i just didn't know about instructables back then when i made it.
whats the handle material ?
im going to make an instructable when i get a chance and have all the right materials and it will probably be better than this. Thanks alot though!
Ok cool! id love to see how you do it
ok then it looks cool nice idea
um...yeah, how did u make it? isnt tht the point of this site? this thing looks pretty sweet tho<br>
sorry, i forgot to make an instructable for it, i already had it made :(
next time i make one of these i will make an instructable. It takes a long time for one of these
tell us how you made it !

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