Introduction: My Homemade Full Scale Rambo Survival Knife

This knife is tough. I have tried everything with it to see what it will take to break. I've thrown it, dunked it in water,stabbed a tree with it, and I can still light the matches that come with my homemade mini survival kit. Its made from a file and holds a razor sharp edge! i would choose it over anything else in a survival situation
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triumphman made it! (author)2012-05-13

OK, the PVC handle does not break away from the metal blade? Tell me how!

bobthebuilder728 made it! (author)bobthebuilder7282012-05-14

i had a smaller piece of 1/2 pvc that the back of the knife fit into, so i attached those two with jb weld. then i put that glued up piece into the handle and jb welded it. i will get an instructable up, i just didn't know about instructables back then when i made it.

curious youth made it! (author)2012-01-12

whats the handle material ?

bobthebuilder728 made it! (author)bobthebuilder7282012-01-14

im going to make an instructable when i get a chance and have all the right materials and it will probably be better than this. Thanks alot though!

curious youth made it! (author)curious youth2012-01-14

Ok cool! id love to see how you do it

bobthebuilder728 made it! (author)bobthebuilder7282012-01-13


curious youth made it! (author)curious youth2012-01-13

ok then it looks cool nice idea

imakeknives made it! (author)2011-11-03

um...yeah, how did u make it? isnt tht the point of this site? this thing looks pretty sweet tho

bobthebuilder728 made it! (author)bobthebuilder7282011-11-03

sorry, i forgot to make an instructable for it, i already had it made :(

bobthebuilder728 made it! (author)2011-10-17

next time i make one of these i will make an instructable. It takes a long time for one of these

zazenergy made it! (author)2011-10-17

tell us how you made it !

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