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This is my homemade rc plane, it has an old silverlit battery pack and two motors.
The body was broken into pieces but since its foam i fixed it with a piece of foam construction toy!
It flies quite well:)


TurtleCrafterxl (author)2015-11-11

a longer flight video wold be nice

charles gray (author)2013-08-13

haha thats really nice RC plane how did you build this mini air plane i really want to build up like this.

NXTHacker (author)charles gray2013-09-07

hey i had an rc plane that broke so i decided to put the propellers on a foam model instead

rimar2000 (author)2012-08-08

It looks very good landing, or rather quickly.

Maybe you should put a mattress on its nose! ;)

NXTHacker (author)rimar20002012-08-15

it broke :(
but no problem i got tired of it already:)

aikx (author)rimar20002012-08-14

yaa ahaha ;D

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