My Homemade Steel Tonfas (Okinawan Nightsticks/Side-Handle Batons)





Introduction: My Homemade Steel Tonfas (Okinawan Nightsticks/Side-Handle Batons)

These are the steel tonfas I made in around the beginning of January. I like them a lot, and I have used them repeatedly ever since. VERY tough, dents wood and crushes plastic with ease, I once used these in an all-out kumite (sparring match) with my friend who wields a Musashi-brand shirasaya sword, and these tonfas suffer no apparent damage.

This project was inspired by two things. One is by the super bad@ss steel tonfas I found on a martial arts website, and two is by the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (which I am greatly a fan of) because one of the main characters, Hibari Kyoya, uses steel tonfas in battle (so I was like, hey! I could make those!).

Hope you like them! If many people comments on this, I will post a full I'ble of it (maybe :-P)



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    Awesome, Yamamoto is my fave character from that anime

    Lol. These look great. Im still building one, but from metal pipes. I primarily made out of PVC as the prototype. I chose tonfas because they suit my fighting style. Should be using a parang lading for my silat, but those are for senior people, its more of a honour to receive them rather than a weapon.

    So i planned to make mine bladed. attacks can be made with the blade and the screws holding the blade. Not recommended to use the pommel function as the hand needs to grip the blade end which is dangerous. I keep the blades separated so they become less dangerous

    just dont walk around with them you will get arrested unless you have a liscense or do a sport(like karate,kung-fu .etc).I know Cuse i have REAL ONES

    Very nice. I have read several of your instructables and I am quite impressed with all of them. I wish I had the material and tools to do the stuff you do.

    Aw, sweet!

    Are these the ones you used on You-Know-Who...?

    Yeah, they are pretty sweet, amirite??

    Heck yeah! He kinda passed out, err.....Right after that :-P

    Hehe... I'm sure that cement-filled pipes would knock anyone out. Nice job, though!

    Thanks! Oh BTW it ain't cement filled it's 100% steel.

    o.O ... Wow... You-Know-Who must have a lot of dents in him, then. XD