I modified it up a bit to look better. This gun now has even less friction in the barrel now, so it shoots even further. I basically made this gun look like an M4 now, but I didn't want to make that official until hearing what you guys think. This gun also shoots blue rods. So what should I call the gun? Does an M4 sound good?

P.S. All these improvements were made do to the community's request.

Decent range
good looks
removable mags
low friction in barrel
awesome attachments
has a pin guide of some what
I guess this one could do > (kinda looks like an M4)

Only contains two cut parts that are needed

PLEASE POST SOME INTRUCTIONS, it seems all the cool ones dont have instructions<br>
This thing is long gone. You should check out my G36c.
POST <br>
Trying... so hard.... to not beg.... for instructions!
Can you post instructions because I want to see the mech and the insides
Well, I'm not quite finished with the gun. What I'm still try to work on is making a working shotgun attachment under the main barrel instead of a &quot;fake&quot; grenade launcher
Very good job! Glad you changed the stock. The front part could be a bit better, tough.
No, the sights can belong to anything. A lot of gun sights are similar.
WTF?!?!?! Who rated my gun down!?!?!?!?!?
probably some stupid troll
Pretty good
i wouldnt call it an M4, its pretty average but nice attempt
I wasn't actually trying to make it an M4, the gun started out with none of those attachments, then I added the grenade launcher and so on. So then I was like, why don't I add a top rail on top of the gun. So then I asked you guys if it looked like one, because I wasn't trying to make a replica, but now it kinda does look like a replica.
oh, ok
It's also my second thing to post on here.
Please Rate, oh and I might post if enough people want me to.
looks great!
Thanks, but do you think it looks like an M4?<br>
no prob, well it looks near enough =D

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