Picture of My Improved Room
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This is my room. I am the youngest of my family - and so, I got the smallest room (poor me). The room measures 10' 12" by 9' 6",is 8 feet in height and is orange with wood floorboards. I BARELY have room for my stuff, as my closet and drawers are....stuffed. My room contains a bed in which is 3 feet in height with a headboard. I have a desk (4 drawers) and a dresser (6 drawers). I have a cabinet in which I keep my arduino and micro-controller parts, as well as a soldering board, chemistry equipment, and some k'nex, yet it doesn't seem to fit everything. At the side of my room connected to a hallway, I have (of course) a door, a bookcase, and a closet (the doors don't slide open and it is only 1-2 feet wide. Other than that, I keep my periodic table poster over my bed and some astronomy pictures above the poster. I have one window with blinds over my desk, and a bulletin board over my dresser. I try to keep my room clean and organized, but it can be hard with such little space. 

PS...this was designed in Google Sketchup
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Step 1: Improvement

Picture of Improvement
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In my improvement, I (of course) extended my room. In the place of my "cabinet of many things", is a doorway into a lounging area. What awaits is a very comfortable couch, my cabinet with (I hope) a 3d printer that I've been longing for for years, a mini fridge(who couldn't live without one) a larger cabinet for my assorted chemistry and technology equipment, and an aquarium above, a large astronomy poster hanging over the couch, and a 40 inch, Plasma, HD TV complete with a Wii, Xbox, and Ps4 (and yes, I made controllers to go with it).