My Indoor NFT Hydroponics System





Introduction: My Indoor NFT Hydroponics System

This is a short slideshow for a NFT hydroponics system I built. This system uses the Nutrient Film Technique to grow plants without soil. Instead, the nutrients are delivered via a recirculating stream of solution that is driven by a water pump.

If you've read about my other DWC Hydroponics System, you'll notice many similarities in the construction and building materials. In my experience, CPVC pipe and fittings are an excellent way to construct light-duty frames and has a high potential for modularization.

The system has since been scrapped because of a need of the materials for another project. Even though it won't be completed, hopefully there is enough detail in this slideshow to give you some ideas and information.



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    Does the water has to circulate endless during the whole period of growing the plant? how Do I know when to turn on or off the Pump?


    can you please give me all the materials needed? id love to have this in my little apartment!

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    4 years ago

    I like this system

    Can you tell me how you anchor the florescent lights? How does the chain keep secure wrapping around the center cross-piece?

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    Hi, All that is securing the fluorescent light fixture to the frame is the chain wrapped around the center cross piece. The fixture is very lightweight and it only takes about three wraps to get enough friction to hold the light in place. I've only had this unit in operation for a few months before it was scrapped but in that time the chain has never slipped off of the pipe. Thank you for your question.

    That looks like a 4 foot, T12, 80 watt fluorescent fixture which, if run 16 hours per day, will use about 1.3 kilowatt-hours or 39 kilowatt-hours per month, per fixture. Use T8 or T5 fluorescent fixtures, or LED fixtures for higher efficiency. Be sure to use full spectrum daylight bulbs and reflective/white surfaces around your system.

    the downspouts are a really good idea! i have used 3" and larger pvc for this same style but im sure the downspouts are much less expensive if you have to purchase them. Do the florescent put out enough light to grow crops all the way to fruit? I have had difficulty getting large type plants tomato beans etc to grow strong with them only, any tips?

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    For lighting be sure to use full spectrum daylight bulbs. I would use two or three fixtures on a unit this size. The chains allow you to adjust the hight to 4 - 6 inches above the tops of the plants as they grow. White, or mylar covered, walls and floor reflect light back to your plants for efficiency.

    You will probably want to move plants outside or install brighter fixtures as they get larger or you may be disappointed in their growth rate.

    What is that connector you are using to connect the 3 pieces of hose together into a T? I really need something like that and have never seen anything like that. Hope it's some connector part I can buy.

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    The connector is a barbed brass "Tee" ment for 1/2 inch Pex Tubing. Pex has been a very popular way of doing indoor plumbing for several years now and is very common. You should be able to buy one of these in any hardware store in the plumbing asile.

    Thanks for the idea.  I assume you used vinyl down spouts for the nutient supply how did you seal the ends.  Nothing sticks to vinyl??

    Again, thanks for sharing. 

    Looks like a very good design, but I have to agree that your slide show is a little fast. Good luck

    Looking more closely the clamping ring is on the outside not the inside, if this is mains voltage it is dangerous as it would be possible to pull the switch out and touch the wires. I this was just a quick test accept my apologies.

    What went wrong with the switch mounting? There is usually a threaded ring to hold them in place neatly?

    Nice outfit..........will you use the flourescent light entirely? Good job on laying it all out

    Looks very nice, but Slideshow format is difficult to use.