This is my Home Cinema Installation,

Its about an Projector, and the screen, i´ve build with a very low budget so you can also do something like this.

It´s not realy Step by Step cause i lost some pictures but i think its comprehensible.
I bought the projector 2nd hand for an very good price is an old acer dlp type, but it works still great.

While we refurbished our flat i got the idea to fit it on the wall in some kind, at the same time i found this great box in the junk, i think
its an ww2 ammo Box or something like that.
its realy big and heavyweight.

I want to hide all the consumer electronics and dvd´s, x box and stuff, so the box was perfect for that.

Step 1: Cleaning

at first i cleaned the box, straighten it out a bit so that it closed well and looks good.

I did not paint it again cause i like the rough sourface, and that you can see the age of that thing.

looks fantastic, i love it! especially the screen. what kind of paint did you use? i have just mixed myself some 'black widow' paint but it is grey and doesn't look as crisp and fresh as your beautiful wall.
I see you are an Audi fan. me too. I love the gas cap cable port. <br> <br>(psst. your robot is molesting your drawing figure. Please get them a box for privacy)
Thank you for the kind words, i&acute;m happy you like it.
I think this a great idea, and love the look of the wall and how you've done the frame.
Your throw wall came out great! What a cool idea.

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