My Interpretation of Faberge Designs





Introduction: My Interpretation of Faberge Designs

A slide show of my real non-fertile sanitized egg shells which have been designed and decorated as I continue to design, develop techniques and use previous class instructions from Design Concepts of Egg ARt. These designs are a definite reflection of concepts I learned from Sally LeVan and early teacher of mine, and from Helen Cook, a designer and fellow teacher from England, Scotland, and "all over the world.: Special thanks to these wonderful teachers who have guided many of us during our learning some 10-25 years ago.



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    These are all so gorgeous, it's nearly impossible to choose a favourite, but I think the vertical green egg with the gold scrolled stand or maybe the horizontal white one with the netting pattern and red and green motifs. What kind of paint do you use for the outer shells?

    Wonderful Work! Congratulations!

    Beautiful work! Exquisite and tasteful!

    Wow! These eggs look like the Carl Faberge Eggs. I love the Rose Trellis, the Pansy and the Transiberian Eggs in PERFECT Faberge Style! What a talented artist you are using real eggshells! These are AMAZING!!!!!! I hope you win the contest!

    Carole B. I am so THRILLED to see that you are among the Finalists. Your eggs are so akin to the originals; I just checked to see if they had chosen a Winner yet, and found you listed amongst the Finalists. Congratulations and Good Luck. In my book you are a WINNER. Connie

    Thank you for allowing me to be a winner in your book. Again, I appreciate your enthusiasm for my works. Carole B.

    Oh my, Carole, these eggs are absolutely exquisite. Carl Faberge would be happy to have replicas like this. Good luck. Anne K.