This is my version of dorxincandeland's Invisible Book Shelf found on this website. You can copy this link. https://www.instructables.com/id/Invisible-Book-Shelf/

I take no credit for this idea. These are just the pictures of the one that I constructed by using that AMAZING Instructable. Enjoy.

*****Please feel free to comment and rate. I know the quality isn't the best, but this was my first try. Please, if you rate it poorly, gi ve me some constructive criticism so that I may improve it.*****

?????????????? :(
The other site didn't work for me
Calvin and Hobbs BOOYA :)
the book is sticked to the wall <br>
i need one of those, where can i have it?
Ha ha, the evidence I have no life, but I&nbsp;think it's kinda cool. :)<br />
LOL I have a lot of that too :)<br /> <br /> Yeah, it's very cool looking :)
My friend was inspecting it for a good 10 minutes (because she couldn't figure it out) before I&nbsp;decided to show mercy and reveal the secret. <br />
Haha, that's cool :)
wow it look like it really is floating!<br />
Yes, thanks. Mine isn't the best if you're interested in making one, <a href="../../../member/dorxincandeland/" rel="nofollow" title="view dorxincandeland">dorxincandeland</a> made the original, and it's much nicer.<br />

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