This is myIPOD DOCK!!!   I hope you LIKE it! And... I've entered this in the photo contest so if you do like it PLEASE VOTE!!! 
Not much of a dock if it doesn't make the iPod stand upright.
Check it out NOW!!!
That's sloppy.
Be nice policy please.
Well I was planing on hot glueing it in but I dint have enuff glue sticks. Sorry.
stop using hot glue!! it is no good solution for any thing!
OK, but it sometimes is handy.
should sand inside of box, add wired LED, cover with hot glue
A dock is maent for it to stand upright. Maybe modify it to be a clip?
It's done! I hope you like it.
OK,I'm working on making this stand up.
thanks for the rating everybody!

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