My Halloween costume for this year(2008). It's the Iron Man classic costume. You can see better pics of the helmet in the https://www.instructables.com/id/My_cheap_easy_to_make_cardboard_Iron_Man_Classic/ web page. Plaz feel free to use my photos as references.
nice <br>
hhehe really cool!
Thanks :)
Looks great, very creative, I wish more kids your age were as creative as you. Great job!
he's not the only kid thats creative
Thank you sir
Sell it to me.
Nice Job!
I think this is awesome!&nbsp; Sure it isn't hundreds of dollars cool, but it is creative and therefore cooler than store-bought!&nbsp; Kudos my friend!
<p>Hey..thanx a lot</p>
compared with the buget you had, it looks pretty good, but its extremelycheesy and not really looking like iron man,&nbsp; take a look at theiron man movie and note the changes in red to yellow, and maybe, if yourlow on bugdet or like me are really lazy and dont like to do a lot ofwork, make the prototype iron man suit in the movie thats metalic color,just use cardboard and that... paper stuff, i forgot the name... Tinfoil thats what, use tin foil and double stick tape,... i used hot glueonce and the whole sheet grew to a big temperature and it got hard to handle<br />
Thanx a lot for the ideas Dude! I'll surely try them.. This year, I'mmaking a cardboard samurai armour and a scream costume....I wanna make ascream....but maybe It'll turn out to be grim reaper at the end..hehehehe
Thanx..acutally I was running whort in money...so I finished it in a low budget :) hehehe
I would say maybe add a bit more armor.
Good job. Keep up the excellent work.
Cool.....wow you look alot like my friend kamu
Looks pretty good, I like it!
Nice work man!
looks great!

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