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This is being entered into the gift contest and it only cost me about five bucks and about 4 hours.
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dombeef (author)2010-10-24

What is this exactly?

tech dawg (author)dombeef2012-06-01

its the phone prop from the court scene in iron man two

Geeko (author)dombeef2010-10-25

Yea... I don't know either.

dombeef (author)Geeko2010-10-26

I think it is a touch screen no back tablet, i think it is from iron man with his inventions, though this isnt a phone? i dont get it also

makerboy112 (author)dombeef2010-12-31

I saw it in the props vid for Iron man 2. They said it was his phone so i made 0ne

ivanadrian (author)2011-01-16

in the movie it had an LG logo on it?
maybe you could runs some EL wire through the frame of it and make it light up~ 8D

makerboy112 (author)ivanadrian2011-01-17

Yeah it did, heres the link for the phone prop
Its at 1:07

ivanadrian (author)makerboy1122011-01-17

its so simple...cant wait til tech is tht advanced :D

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